Dermaplaning – In Accordance with AS/NZS 4173:2018.

Safe use of lasers and intense light sources in health care.

Dermaplaning is a physical skin exfoliation treatment that removes dead skin and vellus facial hair (peach fuzz). It leaves the skin feeling smooth and aids absorption of topical nutrients. It can also be supported with additional treatment protocols.

Administered by correctly trained therapists lightly stroking a sterile blade along the surface of the skin, the treatment is completely safe and pain-free.

Exfoliating the skin stimulates circulation and increases blood flow to the epidermal layers of the skin. The epidermis does not contain blood vessels and receives nutrients through diffusion. By stimulating blood flow, dermaplaning allows essential nutrients to be better delivered to the epidermis and therefore supports anti-aging and radiant skin.


Who is this course for?

  • Anybody who has a Laser Safety Certificate which is more than three years old and no longer valid;
  • Anybody who is currently using a Laser or IPL machine and does not hold this certificate. (You are not complying with Australian Standards)
  • People who work within an existing Laser Clinic and would like to be a Laser Clinic Supervisor.
  • Aesthetic business owners who want to ensure their practice will pass safety audits and insurance requirements.

Subjects that will be covered include:

  • An introduction to dermaplaning
  • Dermaplaning vs shaving
  • Will dermaplaning make hair thicker?
  • Vellus vs terminal hair
  • The stratum corneum
  • Benefits of dermaplaning
  • Pre-treatment protocols
  • Why do we need to schedule appointments around other treatments?
  • Post-treatment care
  • Contraindications
  • What blades should I use?
  • Procedure
  • Optional treatment add-ons
  • Post treatment


The course is conducted at a self-guided pace with support available from Australian College of Laser Therapy. The course is conducted in a manner that enables you to complete the training to suit you and your family/life situation. Conducting the course online has an expected completion timeframe of 30 days from receipt of material.

Pathways Information:  

Not applicable 


$600 for contact class (Minimum 4 attendees) this includes access to online programme

$550 on line  completion – available for commencement at your own convenience.

The Course Material Includes:  

  • Comprehensive training manual
  • Safety checklists and audit forms
  • Ongoing mentoring and support.
  • Certificate on completion

How can I pay for the course?
Payments can be made via Credit/Debit Card (Visa or MasterCard), as well as online via PayPal.

Contact us, or join our community and enrol online.