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Why do I need laser and IPL training?

The answer is quite simple – if you do not understand the basics of the physics of light and the interaction it has with skin and hair, how can you expect to be a best practice therapist.

Whether you are a nurse, a doctor, a sole practitioner, working from a home-based salon or someone wanting to make informed decisions on the purchase of equipment, if you do not understand the basics, you are starting with a disadvantage with your peers.

As a practicing laser therapist since 2004, I have had the privilege of witnessing the growth of this amazing treatment protocol. Unfortunately, I have also seen the damage and poor results that inexperienced and poorly trained therapists can inflict.

Even in states where there is no legislation covering the delivery of laser and light therapies, insurers are now requiring evidence of training and your risk mitigation plan.

So here’s a quiz of just a few questions you need to ask.  Answer any of the questions with an “I don’t know” and you may not be providing your clients with safe, effective treatments!

Which travels deeper into the skin red or blue lights?               

This is all about wavelengths – which one is faster, which is the higher energy

What’s the difference between an IPL and a laser?

They are chalk and cheese – IPLs are cheaper but do they work as efficiently?

Why would I choose to buy an IPL machine and not a laser for my business?

Price is a major factor when choosing a machine, but will they work for the treatments you want to deliver?

What endpoint am I looking for in my treatments?

If you don’t know what to look for you run the risk of both undertreating and not achieving the required results, or over treating and inflicting long-term damage and scarring?

Why shouldn’t I wear black when I am treating?

All requirements for your personal protection are covered.

What is photo biomodulation? How can it work with my clients?

Understanding the different applications of light therapies will help you expand your treatment modalities, cash flow and client retention.

Why did my client’s hair grow back more after their treatment?

Find out why understanding endpoint in hair removal is so important.

What skin conditions can I treat?

Oh! So many!!! And not just skin and hair treatments – find out what else light can do in your clinic.

What exactly is a risk mitigation plan? How do I create one?

Just wait until you need to renew your insurance – you’ won’t need to panic. You will already have one in place!

Why shouldn’t I use LED and laser or IPL on my client on the same day?

One of our most commonly asked questions -different forms of light create different reactions within the skin.  Come find out the proper protocols with light treatments.

Can I use an IPL to remove tattoos?

Not all light treatments are treated equally in the treating of different conditions. Find out why.


Be bold, be safe be confident!!!
Be more informed than your clients!!!
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